Every tangible structure begins with the imagination, as a spark of inspiration, a hazy picture. And each picture is a manifestation of your own identity – a projection of your personality. These abstract images require not just expertise, but empathy to be rendered into concrete realities.
Three friends, who shared this conviction, started Jyaamiti Architectural Studio in Bangalore in 2008, to give shape to people’s ideas of their perfect spaces. Since then, the Jyaamiti family has grown to include an office in Chikmagalur, several young and enterprising architects, and a huge number of very happy clients!

Our Team

The ability to develop your nascent ideas into buildings that radiate beauty and joy, is the fundamental quality that the core team shares. And it’s the members’ diverse personalities and specific strengths that complement each other for a holistic architectural experience.
Ashray H. C.
Chief Executive Officer & Co founder

Ashray has a master’s degree in architecture from Australia and bachelor’s degree from Bangalore, India. He has a decade of experience in architectural design and management. He is widely travelled and brings this rich exposure to bear on the geographical and cultural nuances of the requirements of each project.

Ashray, by nature, is a people’s person; his versatility in perception makes him a sought-after partner by everyone, from a connoisseur of architecture, to the simplest of onsite workmen.

Dhriti Abhiram
Chief Operating Officer & Co founder

Dhriti has a master’s degree in architecture from Australia and bachelor’s degree from Bangalore, India. She has a decade of combined experience in design and planning in both these countries.

Dhriti grew up in Malaysia and comes from a lineage of renowned carnatic musicians. Her early engagement with cultural diversity, and a deep-rooted musical sense are manifest in the pleasant blending of aesthetic elements – the ethnic and the modern – to strike the right note of elegance, in her work.

Sailesh Vunnam
Chief Architect

Sailesh is the resident polymath; his scientific curiosity for all things big and small, is actualized into interesting functional elements that breathe life into structures. His own home is his playing field where he experiments with electric, hydrodynamic, thermal and ecological concepts, and single-handedly creates such things as aquaponic systems, rocket ovens, automated irrigation for terrace gardens etc. He is also a wildlife enthusiast and an ardent trekker – interests that reflect in the earthy sensibility and efficiency of his designs. He has studied architecture in Bangalore, India, and has a decade of hands-on experience in design and construction.

Akshita Gowda

Akshita heads the Chikmagalur office. She has studied architecture at JCE, Mysore, and has a significant amount of experience in interior designing. She comes from a family of coffee-planters and is hence clued-in to the climatic and cultural significations of the beautiful Western Ghats. Her work exhibits her love for serene, scenic visuals.

Danya Jaikar
Shamanjeet singh
Charishma Shetty
Nidhi Patil
Tanmayi Mahesh
Junior Architect
Nagdeep P N
Junior Architect
Arun Kumar
Junior Architect
Sharang Jaideep
Ajeata Jain
Sanjana Raju
Adarsh Suresh
Cyril George
Chamundeshwari KS